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PostSubject: DECISION!!   Fri Feb 15, 2008 9:06 pm

I have this programme called mirc...

Where u advertise ur clan...


5v5 no server mid skill {uk}

Other clans look at it and then challenge.. obviously they would have their own server to challenge us..

its one of those things thats sudden there is 100's of clans on there and its not a league and obviously u can clans that underskill themselves like would advertise themselves as... low mid when they are actually mid high if u get me but if u get a good clan it can be quite fun..

i dont know if have heard of mixvent either...

i was telling charlie about it the other night... id ont know how easy it is to create ventrillo servers but this is ok..

if u download ventrillo (if u haven't already) you choose a username and all that i think u have to register now but its not trouble really... you click on the arrow next to where it says sever then u write in what u want to name the channel for example mix vent i have named mine...

then u type in the host IP which is :

port number: 4903

next u have to connect to the server then u go into the REGISTER channel and u wait for an admin to come in then they will explain stuff there is normally always a admin on there.. so thats not trouble.. when u get ur password u just put it in the password sector...

then ur pretty much good to go...

any trouble im normally on steam but if not msn

Cheers boys please do this because i think this could help the clan be alot more active!!! which we aint really at the minute
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PostSubject: Re: DECISION!!   Sun Feb 17, 2008 12:27 pm

I still dont really get this mixvent thingy? im so lost

But used to use Mirc a while back.. as far as i can remember it seemed pretty gd
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PostSubject: Re: DECISION!!   Sun Feb 17, 2008 3:33 pm

Yeh u will get the hang of it basically they are just players on there that want a match its good practice and it doesn't count for anything u learn the calls and its a laugh!

Il show u if u GET VENT!!!!!!

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PostSubject: Re: DECISION!!   

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